About St. Andrews

St. Andrews

“I founded St. Andrews because I love the product, and because it was something that from day one I was sure I could feed proud about … growing healthy, natural products in an amazing geography and doing a great deal of good by providing opportunities to people in a remote part of the world.

We’re the largest mussel growers in the world, with over 1,000 acres of mussels under cultivation in Chiloe, a stunningly beautiful island that sits between the Humboldt Current, a Class I, highly productive ecosystem, and the Patagonia in southern Chile. We produce over 30 thousand metric tons of mussels a year and enjoy dominant market share in Belgium and France, the world leaders in per capita mussel consumption, where professionals and casual diners alike take their mussels seriously.

By growing in these biologically diverse and nutrient rich waters, our mussels acquire a taste unique to the Chilean Patagonia, and our harvesting process ensures the capture of this flavor profile, allowing us to share it with consumers across the globe.”

Soames Flowerree
husband, father of four
Bowdoin College
Harvard Business School
founder of St. Andrews